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Sustainable Swag


The Problem with Swag

Swag is a nice Idea

Getting your brand on useful products that customers and staff increases brand awareness and loyalty.

The problem is though that most people don't want your swag. Sure they'll take it, it would be rude not to. But 98% of it ends in landfill without being used more than once.

The reason for all of this waste is that most swag is absolutely terrible.

Plastic pens nobody would ever use.
Cheap t-shirts with a huge print of your logo printed on the front.
Bad mouse mats.

A nice box of swag is nice to receive but it only works if it's got stuff that the recipient actually wants to receive.

Usually, this is something with subtle branding on well designed products.

It's also chocolate.

We're huge fans of chocolate swag boxes

If you're thinking about some swag for your team, think about what you'd actually like to receive - I promise it's not a cheap pen and a sticker ;-)