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Sustainable Swag

Custom Swag Box

Create completely custom swag boxes for your team. Each box is eco-friendly and full of swag people actually want and will LOVE.

Simple Box: this box includes a beanie, socks, reusable tumbler, sustainable chocolates and a personalized card. More info

Hoodie Box: this box includes a hoodie, reusable beaker, sustainable chocolate and soft toy (made of fully recycled material). More info

Christmas Box: this box includes a sweater, socks, sustainable chocolate and a gift card. More info


Create Sustainable Swag just like our other clients…

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Custom Swag Box - Simple

Minimum order just 250 units.

250 units

$49.95 per box (USD)

500 units

$45.95 per box (USD)

1,000 units

$42.95 per box (USD)

5,000+ units

$39.95 per box (USD)

    Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater sample 1
    Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater sample 2

    A Simple Swag Box your Team will LOVE

    • Custom Beanie.
    • Custom Socks.
    • Custom Reusable Beaker.
    • Sustainable Chocolates.
    • Custom Sustainable Box.

    Custom Swag Box - Hoodie

    Minimum order just 50 units.

    50 - 99 units

    $89 per box (USD)

    100 - 249 units

    $85 per box (USD)

    250 - 499 units

    $79.95 per box (USD)

    500+ units

    $78.50 per box (USD)

    Blue Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater
    Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater Close-up 1

    Sustainable Swag Boxes your team will Love

    These custom swag boxes include:

    • Sustainable box.
    • Custom Hoodie.
    • Soft Toy (made of fully recycled material).
    • Personalized card.
    • Sustainable chocolate

    Custom Swag Box - Christmas

    Minimum order just 100 units.

    100 - 249 units

    $79 per box (USD)

    250 - 499 units

    $75 per box (USD)

    500 - 999 units

    $69.95 per box (USD)

    1000+ units

    $68.50 per box (USD)

    Blue Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater
    Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater Close-up 1

    Christmas Swag Boxes with a sweater and socks matching design

    These custom swag boxes include:

    • Sustainable box.
    • Custom Sweater.
    • Custom socks.
    • Gift card.
    • Sustainable chocolate

    A Simple way to give your team a smile:

    Sustainability of the Products in the Box


    These beanies are amazing! They are super warm, fleece lined, made from scratch - they last a long time and wear incredibly well. These bad boys won't be anywhere near landfill. They're made from 100% acrylic which isn't the most sustainable fabric but it's not terrible and it's by far the best fabric to use for durability and washability.


    We use 100% acrylic yarn to make the sweaters. The sweaters are soft and durable and wear and wash well. Acrylic is not the most sustainable fabric in the world but right now, it's the most suitable fabric in the market.


    We use 2 main suppliers for our hoodies both of which have excellent sustainability credentials - the hoodies are made from 85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester. They feel super soft and wash amazingly well. Supply chains are well understood and the product looks and feels amazing.

    Reusable Tumbler

    These tumblers are a great replacement for paper / plastic disposable cups. We tested a huge amount of tumblers and this is our favorite - it screws on tight, doesn't leak, dishwasher safe, fits in a cup holder. This is surprisingly unusual - this is a tumbler that will be used.


    We make the socks through our production partner - we use 80% cotton, 18% polyamide, 2% elastane. The socks are soft and durable and wear and wash well. We use the socks ourselves and they last unbelievably well.


    Butlers are an Irish Brand of chocolates. Apart from being amazingly delicious, they have excellent sustainability credentials which includes 100% sustainably sourced beans, a focus on driving down carbon through the use of solar energy and lots of other good stuff.

    Personalized Card

    Made from 100% recycled paper.

    Gift Box

    Made from 100% recycled cardboard.


    We plant a tree for the box and every item within it, including the card.

    Delivery to Single or Multiple Addresses

    Roody is a full service swag partner which means we can deliver your individual swag boxes worldwide.

    Delivery to one location:

    If you'd like your swag delivered to a single location where you can pick, pack and deliver them, that's no problem at all. We deliver worldwide.

    Delivery to lots of addresses:

    If you would like your swag box delivered to your team or your customers individually, we are happy to help. We have our own fulfillment centres and are happy to deliver your swag with your individual messages. We offer worldwide delivery.