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Sustainable Swag

Custom T-Shirts

Create custom, super soft t-shirts for your team! With every color and logo in your hands, these shirts are ideal for gift boxes, events, resale and promotion.

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Create custom t-shirts your team will love - to start, just select quantity below. Minimum order just 50 units.

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Simple and Fun!

You can create your very own custom t-shirts.  We use a range of fabrics depending on what you're using the shirts are for - these shirts look and feel amazing!

  • Super fast, 20-35 day production (express orders also available)!
  • A skilled team to help create your design!
  • Super soft, amazing quality!
  • Sustainable, long-lasting fabrics!
  • Minimum order of just 50 t-shirts!

Frequently Asked Questions


Sustainability Creds


Waste / Landfill

We are fighting a huge battle against landfill - almost all merch ends up here without ever being used, but not our shirts! We want to help brands create merch that everyone loves and wants to keep using for a very long time. We've been making merch for over 10 years now, so if you get one, we can guarantee that you'll not only keep it, but keep wearing it! The styles and colors are limitless - whatever works best for you!


We use 100% organic cotton to make the t-shirts. The shirts are super soft and durable, and most importantly they wear and wash well.

Work Conditions

We have been working with a select group of production partners for years now, and they are truly amazing.  The work conditions for staff are absolutely excellent - our production partners are audited independently and we also visit the factories periodically to check for ourselves.  We take care to never work with cheap, dangerous, expolitative production partners.

Tree Planting

Of course, we also plant a tree for every item we make.




One tree planted for every item

We make it easier to choose sustainable options for your swag. You can create amazing merch your team will love (and share). And for every item you make, one tree will be planted in areas where they need them most.


trees planted