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Sustainable Swag

Create a Custom Hawaiian Shirt Design for your School for FREE

Join 1000's of other clients and create a Custom Hawaiian Shirt for your school

  • Any logo or mascot you like
  • Any colors you like
  • Any other instructions

Create sustainable Hawaiian Shirts for your School, just like our other clients:

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What do Schools use the Shirts for?


Student / Alumni Gifts

Creating something memorable can be tricky - nobody will forget your Hawaiian Shirt.

Group of People wearing matching Hawaiian Shirts

Supporters / Clubs / Trips

We've made shirts for everything from football teams to school bands.

Image of a custom Hawaiian School shirt for sale

Merch Sale and Lots More...

Easily sell merch to support activities either on campus or through our website - it's so easy 

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Can I sell my Hawaiian Shirts online before ordering?

Yes, of course.  It's so easy...

We create a webpage for you with your shirt design and all the details.  You can share the webpage with anybody you like and sell your shirts.

Once we have all the orders we make the shirts and ship them to you. 

Can I just order a batch of shirts from you?


Just let us know how many you'd like just let us know and we'll make them up for you.

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What if I don't sell 20 shirts?

If you don't sell 20 shirts, that's no problem.  There is no charge to you.  The service is completely free.

Almost all of our customers do go ahead though and most sell A LOT more than they were expecting.  It couldn't be easier.

Pricing - Bulk Pricing
(if you don't go ahead with an order, there is no charge)

20 - 49 units:

$45.00 each (USD)

50 - 99 units: 

$39.95 each (USD)

100 - 249 units:

$33.95 each (USD)

250 - 499 units:

$29.95 each (USD)

500+ units:

$28.95 each (USD)

custom hawaiian shirt fabric
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What if I don't like the design you created?

Most of our customers absolutely love the first design we create but if you don't you can:

  • Ask for any changes you like
  • Just stop the process, there's no charge
  • Start again and do something else

Check out a small selection of our custom Hawaiian shirts featured in the photo gallery: