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Sustainable Swag

A Little About Our Promotional Swag Company

Creating unique swag people want and will use is a brilliant way of activating your brand, exciting your team and building customer relationships.  It makes you feel part of the brand story and builds loyalty.

Most swag is pre-made, poor quality with a logo printed on the front.  In general, it has a terrible environmental impact.

Roody makes sustainable swag for your brand.  Most of our products are made from scratch for you - that means you can choose specific pantones, specific sizes and get your own labels.  Exciting branded swag, made for you.

Our mission

To make it easy to create sustainable and impactful swag for your brand.

Great swag bags and boxes can have a huge impact for any company..  We deliver sustainability by making great products in the exact quantity you want.  We use the best materials and production processes available with a focus on materials and practices that minimize adverse environmental impacts.  People involved in making the products are treated fairly and with dignity.

What we're trying to change and why

In my former life I worked as a management consultant.  I attended lots and lots of conferences and worked with over 100 companies as clients.  Everywhere I went, there were cheap pens, terrible notepads and horrible t-shirts.

Nobody wanted this stuff - it was poorly made, cost millions of dollars and ended in landfill.  I didn't understand why anybody would buy it.

When I started my own company, I wanted to get some good promotional swag made - then I understood why people bought the bad stuff.  It's really difficult to make good swag that staff, customers and fans actually want.  If you'd like sustainable merch for your brand, there were no options. So Roody was setup to help brands make sustainable swag.

Ross Culliton, Founder

About Our Promotional Swag

Sustainable swag is completely new.  Nobody is doing it properly.  We've adopted a completely different approach to everyone else.

1. It needs to be wanted and will be used.  There's no point making hemp t-shirts if nobody wants them and wears them.

2. We use the best materials available.  This means we will use the most sustainable option available.  

3. We make small minimum order quantities and you can order the exact number you need - if you need 212 pairs of socks, that's what we'll make.

4. We use partners that treat employees fairly and pair fair wages.  For our partners to pay their staff fairly, we need to ensure we pay them fairly.