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Sustainable Swag

How we help you

When is the last time you received a gift from a company that you wanted or use?  92% of these gifts end up in the garbage after being used once or not at all.

Creating unique swag people want and will use works. It makes you feel part of the brand story and builds loyalty.  We help you make great swag.

Our Purpose

We want to plant 10's of millions of trees. 10's of millions.
Our first target is to plant 1 million trees by 2023.

By planting lots and lots of trees, we can help a lot.  We can help the climate issue, improve biodiversity, increase local employment with sustainable jobs and generally improve all round well-being.

What we're trying to change and why

In my former life I worked as a management consultant.  I attended lots and lots of conferences and worked with over 100 companies as clients.  Everywhere I went, there were cheap pens, terrible notepads and horrible t-shirts.

Nobody wanted this stuff - it cost millions of dollars and ended in landfill.  I didn't understand why anybody would buy it.

When I started my own company, I wanted to get some good swag made - then I understood why people bought the bad stuff.  It's really difficult to make good swag that staff, customers and fans actually want.  If you'd like sustainable merch, it's all really bad. So I setup a company to make sustainable swag.

Ross Culliton, Founder

About our swag

Sustainable swag is completely new.  Nobody is doing it properly.  We've adopted a completely different approach to everyone else.

1. It needs to be wanted and will be used.  There's no point making hemp t-shirts if nobody wants them and wears them.

2. We use the best materials available.  This means if there's a sustainable option, we'll use that - if not, we'll use the best fabric available.

3. We make small minimum order quantities and you can order the exact number you need - if you need 212 pairs of socks, that's what we'll make.

4. We use partners that treat employees fairly and pair fair wages.  For our partners to pay their staff fairly, we need to ensure we pay them fairly.