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your merch.

Take the stress out of creating, storing and sending merch. Merch Manager does it for you.

Our Merch Manager means easy inventory management. Your employees can order straight to their homes.

Staff Favourites

Our Merch Manager means easy inventory management. Your employees can order straight to their homes.


Custom Design

Our design team is ready to create your custom merch which perfectly fits your brand.

Free Storage

Forget the office closet stuffed with forgotten merch. We’ll store it for you, and let you know when you’re running low.

Easy Ordering

You’ll have your own portal on our Merch Manager, so you can order whenever, wherever.

Fast Shipping

We ship worldwide, wherever you need. We can send merch to your office, or even to individual employees.

Complete Control.

Never lose track of your merch in a packed closet again. With Roody’s Merch Manager, we store your merch and alert you when you’re running low. You’ll always know exactly what you’ve got in stock.


Never Pack & Pick Again.

Fed up of assembling new joiner boxes or event packs? Let Merch Manager handle it. Not only will we assemble each pack, we can also arrange shipping to individual employees. Let your staff choose their own items on the Merch Manager and take the stress out of GDPR compliance.


Got Questions? No Problem.

Can I store merch from other suppliers?

Yes, of course.

Will I know what’s in stock?

Yes, you can get a real-time inventory at any time.

Can I send the portal to others in my company to order?

Yes, the portal can be open or you can assign multiple logons.

Can I see what the portal will look like?

Stay tuned! We've got a demo store in the works so you can see exactly what your store will look like.

How much does it cost?

Merch Manager is completely free.  There is a very small storage charge for any merch we didn’t make.

Can I send my merch in bulk for an event?

Yes, that’s no problem.

I have a list of individuals I’d like to send merch to – can I just send you that list?

Yes, no problem – you can upload the list or just e-mail it to us.