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Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Create knitted custom ugly Christmas sweaters for your brand.
This is the perfect merch for your team - ideal for resale, promotions, marketing, gifts and all round fun!

How far ahead do customers have to place orders for Christmas 2022? Read our recommendations


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Fast Production, Fully Knitted

You can create your very own custom ugly Christmas sweaters. Knitted from scratch, the design can go anywhere on the front, back and sleeves.

  • Super fast, 30-35 day production (express orders also available)
  • A skilled team to help create your design
  • Super soft, amazing quality
  • Sustainable, long-lasting fabrics
  • Minimum order of just 100 sweaters
  • International shipping.

Best timing for designing and ordering for Christmas 2022:
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Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater sample 1
Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater sample 2

Can I send through a design I'd like to get made?

Of course. If you've got something in mind to make your custom ugly Christmas sweaters stand out, just let us know so we can take a look and get started on it for you.  We work with lots of brands and customize your sweater completely.

Pricing - Minimum order just 100 units.

100 - 249 units:

$39.95 each (USD)

255 - 499 units:

$32.95 each (USD)

500 - 999 units:

$29.95 each (USD)

1,000+ units:

$27.95 each (USD)

Blue Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater
Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater from a Brewery

Can you help with design?

Of course. We have a skilled creative team that would be more than happy to help with your design, incorporating any logos, colors or imagery you feel would make your knitted sweaters the best they can be. 

We also have a standard template available if you would prefer to do it within your own team. We will accommodate whatever works best for you!

What material do you use?

All our custom ugly sweaters are super soft acrylic yarn (not itchy).  We tested lots of fabrics over the years and acrylic is by far the best option.  It looks and feels brilliant and washes amazingly well - the sweaters will feel amazing.

To get your exact color, we take your pantone (color) and match it to our yarn so your sweater will be the same color as your branding.  Lots of small and large  Every sweater is extremely soft and doesn't itch - a top quality product!

Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater Close-up 2

When is the best time to put an order in for Christmas 2022?

It's always best to order early.

Production time is currently 30-35 days.

For Gifts, Promotions and Swag
We take orders all the way up to mid-November.  The earlier you order the better.  There are huge advantages to ordering early including:
1. Ensures sweaters are delivered in lots of time
2. Lower cost shipping available
3. As we can slow ship, it's much much better for the environment.

For Resellers
While we take orders all the way up to mid-October, the best time to order is July / August as it gives lots of time for the sweaters to arrive and be photographed and merchandised in plenty of time for the holidays.