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Sustainable Swag

Create Custom Clothing for your Brand

Bring your brand to life with completely custom merch

Create Sustainable Merch just like our other clients…



"We loved our shirts and the customer service was great. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you or reach back out when the occasion arises."


"The custom bucket hats we created a few months ago have been a hit! So much so that some of my colleagues are interested in chatting about an additional order."


"Our team LOVED the hoodies and beanies, as well as the boxes! They are all amazing quality and we wear them all the time."


"The beanies were a huge hit at the conference and with our staff. We even used them in our digital Christmas card!"


"The quality of the sweaters could only be surpassed by the service we received. We these for our employees and they were received with rave reviews! We will most definitely be ordering more in the future. Great work!"


Swag that’s Loved

Won’t end up in Landfill

Sustainable Materials

We use good stuff wherever we can

One Tree Planted

One tree planted for every item we make


Roody is now a Certified B Corporation

B Corp, short for Benefit Corporation, is a designation granted to businesses that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. By becoming a B Corp, Roody joins a global community of companies dedicated to using business as a force for good.

Read more about our sustainability below:

Our Work

Create Sustainable Swag

Most swag ends in landfill without being used. We help you create amazing swag that your team will love and is made ethically. To get started, just click the link below.

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Sustainable Swag

Eco-Friendly Swag

Swag is a great way to bring your brand to life. It can be hugely effective in engaging customers, staff and fans. Most swag is very badly made - cheap product with your label printed on the front.
Roody makes environmentally friendly swag and promotional products that your team will love. All our swag is made ethically and fully tested.

What we mean by Sustainable Swag

Our primary focus is on quality - we make amazing products that look brilliant. We make most of our own swag from scratch (not just a label on the front) which gives you full design control. All of our swag is made in factories where workers are treated well and paid a fair wage. We choose materials that have minimal adverse environmental impact. The swag we make is of premium quality and is likely to be used. We design each element of swag, not just stick a logo on it. We pay our suppliers on time. We plant one tree for every item we make and are currently working on becoming net zero.

What kind of Swag can I make?

You can make amazing merch and promotional products that is completely unique and very difficult to make - from custom Christmas sweaters to custom Hawaiian shirts, custom bars of delicious chocolate to custom socks, we make pretty much everything imaginable. We make almost everything ourselves which means you have full design flexibility.

Deliver Swag to my Team

One of the trickiest things about swag is delivering to teams working remotely around the world. Roody helps by delivering your swag to as many locations as you like.
It's super easy and our team arrange everything for you. We can even store your swag and send it out as and when it's needed.

Is all your swag sustainable?

Yes. As part of our commitment to sustainability we're constantly looking for better, more sustainable options. We're using recycled materials where possible and using new production techniques to minimize the environmental impact. We're planting a tree for every item we make and we're in the process of ensuring we're net zero.