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Sustainable Swag

ūüö®NEW PRODUCT ALERTūüö®: Custom buckets hats for your team now available from ROODY!

Bucket hats for your team are here!

The insane hit for 2022 is the amazing sustainable reversible Bucket Hat. You can now create completely custom Bucket Hats and Hawaiian Shirts for your brand!

And the great news is that Roody has a low minimum order quantity of just 100 units. And remember, all of our products are sustainably made and guaranteed as absolutely awesome.


 Check out pricing for Bucket Hats right here.

What is a Bucket Hat?

They are named for their shape, consisting of a soft top and a wide, floppy brim.

Our bucket hats are fully reversible with different pattern each side. They are made of fully recycled polyester.

Our buckets hats are easy to create, totally custom to your brand and they'll last a long time.


Summer Event Coming up?

Sun's in the sky, the vibes in the office are great - everybody is buzzing for longer days and good times. 

Let us help create your branded summer swag. Whether it is for team gathering, business conference or cultural festival... you name it, our custom swag will have you covered.

Mix things up by pairing your bucket hats with a personalized swag box that won't impact negatively on the environment. If you need help with design, no problem.


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