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Sustainable Swag


Our approach to sustainability is threefold: we make merch that's loved, using the best materials available, and we plant some trees.

350,000 trees planted

We plant one tree for every item we make. Not only will your products mean more trees planted, you'll also get to choose where they're planted! We've set a target of 1.5 million trees planted by December 2026. We're already over 350k trees in and we've a lot more to plant!


"Your company's commitment to planting one tree for each item you make is amazing.”

Mason, Redbull

Swag that's Loved

So much company merchandise ends up in landfill because the items are poor quality, or simply not wanted. We are committed to only making quality products that will be loved.

Sustainable Materials

Wherever we can, we use sustainable materials. Our production partners are audited independently and we also visit the factories periodically to check for ourselves. We take care to never work with cheap, dangerous, exploitative production partners.

One Tree Planted

We plant one tree for every single item we make. Not only will your new merch be doing good for the planet, you'll also get to choose where we plant your trees!

What do we mean by sustainability?

For every product we make, there are five questions we ask ourselves.

  • Is it good quality and likely to be used?
  • Are the materials the most sustainable materials available?
  • Would we want it for our own company?
  • Do we have full visibility on the supply chain, and are we happy workers are being paid fairly?
  • Are manufacturing processes as eco-friendly as possible?

We put every product through this process so that we can be sure our products will be loved forever and won't end up in landfill. We are constantly evolving and improving our processes and, while we're growing fast, we're not compromising on our ethos as we expand.

tree planted
tree planted

Roody is now a Certified B Corporation

What exactly is a B Corp?

B Corp, short for Benefit Corporation, is a designation granted to businesses that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. By becoming a B Corp, Roody joins a global community of companies dedicated to using business as a force for good.

What does this mean for Roody?

Since Roody was founded in 2019, we've been focussed on bringing brands to life in a fun way while helping the earth. In that time, we've planted 350,000 trees and made amazing merch that is loved. B Corp gave us an opportunity to show what we've achieved so far and to set some clear targets for the future. Third party certification is always helpful and it just gives our customers some added confirmation that we're making a positive impact to the planet.

We're super excited for this but this is just the beginning.....

Our Purpose

We will enable 3,000 brands to come to life with 1.5 million piecesof sustainable custom merch by Dec 2026. This will result in 1.5m trees planted which will leave an amazing environmental legacy.

Why Roody was founded
In a previous life, I worked as a management consultant. I visited more than 100 client sites in the 10 years I worked in consulting and in every company there were boxes of branded cheap pens, hardback diaries and Fruit of the Loom t-shirts.

This merch was packed in storage closets overflowing and was frequently picked up, used once and discarded.

I love swag and merch - done correctly it's a great way of bringing a brand to life and making connections with customers and staff. When I started my own company, I wanted to order some unique eco-friendly swag. So I started to look at what sustainable options were available. 

The only options available were hemp t-shirts, bamboo phone holders or cheap, poor quality cups.I did not want any of these things. Really didn't want them - nor did my customers or my team. Just because an item is made of sustainable materials, doesn't make it sustainable.

The lack of options available meant I did a complete pivot and started a sustainable merch company.

Roody was founded to make amazing custom products that won't end in landfill.

Ross Culliton

How it works
We've made the process easy - just select the products you like and hit the contact button.  Our design team will create completely unique designs for your merch - the design service is free.

You can make changes and once you're happy, you can go ahead and order.  You can order bulk merch - for example 132 shirts delivered to California or you can order the merch delivered to multiple locations - for example 132 swag boxes with a shirt, a notebook and a waterbottle delivered to 132 delivery addresses around the world.

We also offer a platform where we can make and store your merch and you can order it any time you like through a website and we'll ship your merch anywhere in the world.

We make all of our merch as sustainably as possible.  Almost all of the merch is made by our production partners that we've worked with for years.  Staff are treated and paid fairly, leading production practices are used that minimize any adverse environmental impact.  We use the most sustainable and most suitable materials available.

We also plant one tree for every item we make.  We know you'll love your merch - our clients tell us all the time how delighted they are.

See how Roody can help you with making merch, sustainably.