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Sustainable Swag

What to include in a new hire swag pack?

It can be tricky to decide what to include in a new hire swag pack for new joiners - we've seen everything from totes to hawaiian shirts, chocolate to airpods, personalized messages to cuddly toys. And we've loved them all.

 The typical onboarding swag box includes:

  • something to drink from (reusable tumblers and water bottles are most popular).
  • a nice welcome message
  • something to eat (chocolate is always popular).
  • tote bags are also incredibly popular.

We often also see custom hoodies or t-shirts. Beanies are also really popular in the Autumn / Winter season. If there's something specific you'd like, we are always happy to help.

We've included below some of our most popular items of swag that fill our employee welcome kits every day. Every item is sustainably sourced and we plant a tree for every item we make.

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Hire swag pack

What can I customize in an employee welcome kit?


1. Totes

Replacing all of those terrible plastic bags can only be a good thing and what better way to do it than with a fully branded tote bag. You have lots of options on the tote - while you can do a simple logo, we love the all over design with the logo subtly incorporated. The totes we make are amazing quality and made from 100% organic cotton - sure to be loved!

2. Water bottles

Good water bottles are always welcome. Our water bottles are made of toughened glass with a branded sleeve where you can incorporate your logo or a design in whatever colors you like. They slot nicely into the refrigerator to stay nice and cool.

3. custom boxes

We offer a range of sustainably made custom branded boxes - from kraft to full color with branding inside, outside or wherever you want your brand, we're happy to help. They make your new hire swag boxes really stand out.

4. Beanies

So we're huge fans of knit beanies - you have so many options when it comes to beanies. As we make all of our beanies from scratch, you can choose any colors and design them any way you like. For new hires, they're a piece of swag everybody will love and keep.

5. Personalized card

No new employee welcome kit would be complete without a welcome card to say "hello". These cards can be fully customized with your logo and any other branding you'd like.

6. Reusable Tumbler

Most tumblers are really badly made - they leak, don't fit in a cup holder or don't keep your drink warm. The Roody reusable cups are brilliant. You have the option to fully brand the tumbler however you like. They don't leak and last brilliantly. Ideal for any new employee welcome kit!

7. Custom hoodie

Hoodies are always a cherished item in swag boxes. You have the option to make your own completely original hoodie - made from organic cotton, these wash and wear brilliantly as well as being eco-friendly. We can help you design and make something awesome for your new hire swag boxes.

8. Custom t-Shirt

T-Shirts remain a staple of the typical swag box. We love subtle designs on premium shirts. We use organic cotton which makes the shirts look and feel amazing. It also helps with sustainability.

9. custom tissue

We are huge fans of amazing packaging at Roody. Using fully sustainable materials we can help create completely unique packaging for your brand to give the "wow" factor when your new team member opens the box.

10. custom socks

Every brand needs their own range of socks - people LOVE socks and they make an awesome new employee gift. You can create everything from the design on the sock to the actual labels and be fully branded. Socks remain ever popular.

11. Chocolate

Chocolate is so often forgotten but we're huge fans. In reality, chocolate should be included in every single box you send. We offer all sorts of options including fully branded bars and vegan options. Receivers always appreciate a little pick-me-up and every new employee gift box should include some delicious chocolate.

12. custom notepads

Branded notepads are ever-popular but only if they're beautifully made. We make stunning notepads that can be fully branded. All our notepads are vegan friendly and great for taking lots of notes, which is really important in any new job!

Employee welcome kits

What is an employee welcome kit?

Welcoming new joiners is an important part of the onboarding experience.  With remote teams it can be very challenging to help new joiners feel part of the team.  Swag plays a key role in building culture, making your team feel welcome and building long term relationships.

Employee welcome kits are boxes filled with welcoming treats that have been cusomized with your branding.  They usually include a nice welcome card.  Previously, you had to make these boxes and send them out which was such a hassle - now you can simply order a completely custom onboarding pack online and we're happy to make and send the box for you.  If you like, we can even keep your new hire swag boxes for you so they're ready to go when new members join your team!