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Custom knit sweaters

We make custom knit sweaters.  All of our sweaters are knitted from scratch and look and feel amazing. Unlike printed sweatshirts, these sweaters are made to a high quality to ensure they are a premium product.We've lots of customers that order from us regularly and we're really proud of what we do.

A simple knit sweater design

how we knit

Roody custom sweaters are knitted from scratch to order. This allows you to completely unlock the originality of your brand. We can use whatever colors you like and you can have whatever pattern you want all over the sweater.

The knitting process is highly complex and there are so many little details involved it can be very frustrating. Knitting Factories are difficult to find and usually have minimum order quantities of 500 units per size. The quality tends to be poor and they're always (always!) late. Usually, it's about a 3-6 month lead time. Roody have been making custom sweaters since 2009. We're brilliant at it. We've worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Warner Brothers, Budweiser, Nandos and Nickelodeon. We make amazing sweaters we're really proud of and deliver the sweaters right to your door. Our lead times are as low as 30 days.L

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how to make custom knit sweaters

Our custom sweaters are usually made from a very soft (non-itchy) acrylic. We make them from scratch using your design in the colors you specify. We've developed reliable processes in our factories which means that our minimum order quantity is just 100 and we look after everything, including shipping.

We don't offer cheap sweaters or terrible sweatshirts, we think they look terrible and don't reflect the quality of the brands we work with. We only offer great quality knits that you'll be proud to give as gifts to employees, influencers, clients etc.

Knitting Machines

Our sweaters are made using large knitting machines. These machines vary in capability so it is important to know how the machines work to know which process is best for each particular design.

We have been creating and making custom sweaters for years so we know what machine will work best for your design. We also use the most advanced knitting machines which means that even the most intricate designs can be made into knitted sweaters.


We recommend 100% acrylic or an acrylic / wool mix for the knitted sweaters. We have made thousands and thousands of sweaters so we know what works well for each design. Our yarn is a premium double blend to ensure that the sweaters are high quality, soft and machine washable.

This yarn works best for the custom designs as the designs themselves are knitted in to the yarn. It's not like printing. The sweater is not made first with the design added later.

The design is actually knitted in at the exact time the yarn becomes a sweater. This makes the sweater completely custom which means that unlike print, the design can be on the front of the sweater, on the back of the sweater and on the sleeves of the sweater. Alternatively, the sweater can be made with just a design on the front with the back plain. Check out what the inside of a custom ugly sweater should look like.

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Example of the detail that can be captured in a knitted sweater
An image of the insude of an ugly sweater


Six colors work best for the sweaters.  If you have an exact color you need (color of your brand etc) tell us and we will use it. The factory has a yarn dying department so we can use whatever color you need-from standard to unique colors.

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Custom knit sweater manufacturers

Manufacturing knit sweaters can be tricky. Choosing the style of knit, colors, yarn material, machines to knit on are among the many decisions you need to make.  It can be very difficult.

We are experts in manufacturing knitwear and have a range of specialist knit factories which we use depending on what you're trying to create.  We have specialist knitwear designers that work with knitted sweaters all the time and are experts in making every type of garment.  If you need to create your own specialist knit sweater, we would be thrilled to help.

The manufacturing process is simple and clear.  We can use your design or we can create a design for you.  Once your order is confirmed, we knit a sample for your approval before moving forward to production.  We manufacture each sweater with care and will ship your sweaters anywhere in the world.

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