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Sustainable Swag


10 ideas on how to make your swag better than the rest

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When it comes to finding the right corporate gift, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

It’s not exactly the easiest thing in the world to get right, and you sure as hell know when you get it wrong. If you start noticing branded t-shirts you handed out to people have started appearing in a trash can down the hall, it might be time to re-think the strategy.

There are ways to make it easier on yourself however, and to make your branded merch more fun, more lovable, basically the kind of stuff that your people will actually want to keep. (Hint: custom Hawaiian shirts!)

Whatever it is you might have in mind, Roody has the best sustainable corporate gifts. From custom Christmas sweaters to water bottles and beanies, you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Our custom swag boxes are the best way to put your own spin on it. They’re eco-friendly and full of the good stuff people need in their lives, have a look for yourself right here.

Make it practical

This might seem obvious, but you’ve got to find something that the recipient will actually keep. Water bottles and mugs are reliable options, provided they are of decent quality.

Try to think back on the worst corporate gifts you’ve received, and ask your colleagues to do the same. Chances are a theme will emerge, and you end up scrapping the branded pens that David from finance suggested.
Thanks for the suggestion, David, but we can all do better!

Get your timing right

If you have a client with a big anniversary coming up, or they have just announced an expansion, it could be a good opportunity for you to do some corporate gifting. Custom Christmas sweaters at Christmas is a no-brainer, but don’t rule out Easter and Halloween, just because others haven’t thought of it yet!

Our winter adventures swag box would be ideal coming into the colder months, or if the recipient’s brand is opening up a brand in Antarctica.

Tap into your team

Ever wonder about how many fantastic ideas just fizzle away because someone never had a chance to voice them? It doesn’t even have to boil down to them being a shy person; maybe the idea was just on the backburner and it would take a direct question to help it take shape.

If you’re working with a team of people, a casual five-minute conversation can save you endless hours of brainstorming. Never rule out a potential source of gifting ideas, because they really can come from the most surprising of places.

Add a personal touch

We’ve already covered what gifts you should aim for, but it’s nearly as important to get the note right as well. Think about how many brands send gifts every day, and then come up with a way to make yours the only one that made the recipient feel genuinely happy.

It could be a statement about what your partnership means to you, or it could be a few wise words you’d like to pass on. Depending on the number of people you’re buying for, handwritten notes are another way to make your stuff stand out.

Strike a balance

A lot of the same rules apply to corporate gifting and Christmas time. If you’re the person who turns up with a bottle of deodorant you bought in a gas station as a gift, you’re not going to win any favors.

Similarly, going overboard can have the same result. More isn’t always best, so a smaller number of thoughtful gifts will have more value than a hundred crappy ones.

Do the responsible thing

It’s no stretch to say that people want to work with brands that take sustainability seriously. If you happen to make the eco-friendly choice with your gifts and prioritise sustainability, you’re going to put yourself ahead of the competition.

All of our products are environmentally friendly, and one tree will be planted in areas where they need them most for every item you choose. We’ve managed to plant over 155k trees so far, and don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

Follow your gut

Yep, we’re toeing the line of clichés here but we meant what we said. Your gut likes food, so follow your gut and give the people what they want.

Food is an easy way to people’s hearts, and it makes your job of corporate gifting that bit easier. Whether it’s a bag of popcorn or some tasty chocolates, plenty of our awesome swag boxes come with food included.

Be inclusive

Another important aspect of corporate gifting is trying to find something that everyone will appreciate. Sure, that guy over there might appreciate a DVD boxset of Seinfeld, but maybe the person sitting next to him actually lives in the 21st Century and knows no one watches DVDs anymore.

Don’t go into this thinking you can’t please everyone, because with a bit of thinking you can get pretty damn close. If you’ve managed to find something that you think would be genuinely appreciated by just about anyone and reflects your relationship with them, you’ve got every reason to feel confident in your decision.

Keep it light on branding

As amazing as you know your brand is, and no matter how much great work you may do, the chances are that no one is going to want stuff with your logo all over it. There is a line you don’t cross, and it comes at the point where it looks like getting your brand name out there took priority over the quality of gift.

By all means you should put your stamp on things wherever possible, but subtlety is usually your friend here. Another benefit of making the branding more subtle is that if it isn’t instantly clear that it’s a branded item, someone might ask the owner where it came from.

They'll reply, 'I got it from these amazing folks at...'

Don’t overthink it

Lastly, it’s important to remember that this isn’t all that different to buying a gift for your family. There is a person at the end of this who is going to open what you send them, so doing your best to think about what they would want to receive is half the battle.

If you would like to talk to us about what might work best for you, contact us today! We’ve worked with brands of all shapes and sizes all over the world, so we would be more than happy to help.