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5 Reasons to get a Bucket Hat this Summer

Bucket hats have lived many lives through the years, sailing atop fashion trends and finding new ways to remain stylistically relevant. Whether they’re worn by the rappers of the 80s or modern day festival goers, the bucket hat has maintained its status as a symbol of the cool and the chill.

1. Shade in style – or shelter if you need!

Change things up this summer and put away the usual baseball cap. Breathe some fun and style into any summer outfit with a bucket hat. Not only will you be exuding relaxing vibes to anyone you spend time with (oh and people will be falling over each other for a piece of that time), but you’ll also be giving yourself some well needed shade from that hot summer sun.

Oh, but what if it starts raining? Maybe I’ll be caught in a flash summer shower? Fear not bucket hat wearer! You’ll be guarded from the water too while sporting your new look.

 With an accessory that useful how could you say no? Especially when you’ll still be looking good.

2. Wait – you’re telling me this thing has two sides?

That’s right! Our bucket hats are entirely reversible and can sport two entirely different designs.

Not only is this a great way to save some space when packing for a getaway, you can also flip the hat for some new spice if you’re ever feeling tired of your look (not that you will be – our designers will make you a design so cool you’ll never want it off your head, and they’ll do it twice!).

3. Give yourself a cinematic look

Characters in both TV and film have been sporting bucket hats for decades – so why don’t you?
From Gilligan on living on his island, to a lost Peruvian bear in London, the bucket hat has remained an iconic fashion choice for all.

Billie Lourd brought the party with a glamorous look as Gigi in Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart. Her bucket hat evoked a carefree attitude that can be seen again with Matt Berry’s Lazlo in the hit comedy series What We Do in the Shadows.
Don’t let these stars have all the fun!

4. Get cultured and keep some fashion history alive!

The bucket hat started as rain gear for Irish fisherman in the early 1900s, but has seen quite an evolution since. These original hats were naturally waterproof thanks to their tweed cloth build (the unwashed wool’s wax allowed water to simply run off).

The hats were then adopted by the Mod subculture of 60s London before being adopted by American rappers of the 80s – looking at you Cypress Hill. By the 90s they were cemented as casual streetwear.

 Why not represent history with such a storied hat?

 5. You’re telling me this is sustainable? 

Our bucket hats at Roody are made from 100% recycled polyester – which is not only sustainable but comfortable too! We want you to know that you can help keep your summer green by sporting one of our hats.

That’s not all! For every hat we make we’ll also be planting a tree with our partners at the Eden Project. With that in mind the choice should be simple – the bucket hat is your new summer look!