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6 characters that that prove the polo shirt isn't going anywhere

Fashion trends change, the Polo Shirt remains

Whether it's being worn by pro golfers or Italian mob bosses, the polo shirt has remained a mainstay clothing option of characters on Film and TV. Through the decades it has been worn by all sorts of characters, good and bad, because everybody can see its benefits.

The shirt emulates comfort while also being the perfect choice for active wear - stylish without pretension. Perfect for any summer outings, especially when you're looking to put some effort into your looks.

Our polo shirts are fully custom and can be designed any way you like - but let's see how the stars wore them first.

James Bond

From Connery to Craig, James Bond is famous for his polo shirt collection. The MI6 agent that radiates cool knows how to pick a sleek outfit that won't prevent him on completing his mission.

The film franchise has been going for over 60 years and Bond has yet to feel the need to change up his look. Even when bruised and beaten he still manages to dress better than anyone else in the room - all thanks to the polo shirt.

Ted Lasso

Richmond FC's affable US coach is seen here sporting a lovely red polo. Ted's good nature permeates every aspect of his character, and drives others to do better. He can relax a room with a few short words and creates a welcoming aura, even for those that doubt him.

He is both a teacher and a mentor for his team, and accomplishes all he does by being consistent in his beliefs - a constant. Much like Ted, the polo shirt will stay with you and do it's best to make sure you're comfortable and relaxed.

Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano is a monster of the highest order - a living embodiment of toxic masculinity. He rules his mob without a shred of empathy and will turn on those he's called lifelong friends if they look at him funny. His greed is endless and his appetite for the lavish knows no bounds.

But it's impossible to deny - he's got style. Tony always looks like he's just come off the fairway and is looking to lounge at the clubhouse. His polo shirt collection is likely bigger than the number of skeletons in his closet, with each new shirt he sports confirming his status as a fashion icon.

Jordan Belfort

The Wolf of Wall Street is another crook worth mentioning but, unlike Tony Soprano, he is not just relegated to fiction. Jordan Belfort committed rampant fraud in his pursuit of wealth at any means, working as a corrupt stockbroker on Wall Street. Even people he would call friends just seem to be another tool to use to further his own finances.

At the same time, watching him mock the FBI from atop his yacht is just satisfying to watch. Let's just hope he doesn't spill any of that wine on his nice white polo!

Derick "Chubbs" Peterson

Happy Gilmore's mentor personifies relaxation. Before his untimely death Chubbs manages to teach Happy how to calm his rage, becoming a better golfer for it.

He wears a polo shirt as if it's a uniform, his clothes becoming an extension of his lessons for Happy. We should all take this as a teaching moment and learn from the ethos of Chubbs by ensuring we have a polo in our possession.

Dickie Greenleaf

The Talented Mr Ripley steals somebody's identity just to have a chance at getting close to the one and only Dickie Greenleaf. Having taken advantage of a case of mistaken identity, he befriends Dickie and his girlfriend Marge Sherwood, taking the opportunity to lavishly lounge around Italy for the summer.

One could argue that it is the wealth and chance at a better life that drives Ripley to committing heinous acts on his journey, but I think we really know it was all for the killer polo shirt sported by Dickie.

The polo shirt has and will remain a top notch choice for any summer outing, whether going for a round of golf or fighting off somebody looking to steal your identity. Check it, and our other custom apparel, out here.