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Christmas sweaters: Which designs are top of the class

Eurowings staff posing in custom Christmas sweaters made by Roody sustainable swag

We've been busy designing custom Christmas sweaters for some amazing brands this year, and here are some of our favourite designs from this year and also years gone by.

It feels like only yesterday that most of us felt like it was too early to even mention the word Christmas (although plenty of you reading this have probably been prepping all year), but it is officially Christmas sweater season - the perfect time to have a look at some of the most popular Christmas sweater designs this season!

One of the best things about them is the fact that every design is different to the last, so each year our eyes are treated to festive creations that we probably couldn't have envisaged twelve months ago. Whether you want something classic with reindeers and Christmas trees, or something a little bit more unusual, there is no end to the creativity of the brands that work with us.

We love creating merch all year round but nobody can deny that creating it for the festive season is magical and something that we love do in Roody. Not only has it allowed us to get our creative juices flowing and explore new ways of making swag more sustainable, but we also get to work alongside some pretty phenomenal people.

From brewing companies and esports teams to chocolatiers and restaurants, it's one part of the job that never gets old. We love looking back at some of the swag we have helped to create, both to celebrate it and to help other brands come up with ideas for Christmas 2023 (is it too early to start talking about that?).



Santa might normally use a sleigh, but we think he might be tempted to take to the skies with Eurowings next year given their unquestionable Christmas spirit. We're a big fan of the colour combo they went for (not only because it's perfectly in line with their branding), and transforming an airplane into a Christmas tree is exactly the kind of design innovation we love to see.

Eurowings pilots posing in custom pink and blue Christmas sweaters made by Roody sustainable swag


We have a saying here in Roody for when customers hit a brick wall when coming up with a design: have you considered adding some cats. You can't go wrong with a cute little kitty on the Christmas sweater, as you can see for yourself with this lovely design from Lil BUB, who have also been helping countless animals in need in honour of the wonderful cat who inspired their company name.

Lil BUB custom Christmas sweaters with cat design made by Roody sustainable swag

Armchair Expert

There is a lot to love about this particular Christmas sweater from Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, an addictive podcast series that celebrates the messiness of being human. You won't find a single messy thread though on this wonderful creation though, and its retro colours really bring it to life in a way that stands out from the crowd.

Armchair expert hosts Dax Shepard and Monica Padman pose in red, blue and white custom Christmas sweaters made by Roody sustainable swag


This sweater designed by Chobani, makers of delicious Greek yoghurt, certainly gets two thumbs up from us. Beautifully simple and absolutely spot on in terms of their brand identity and colours, you can only imagine how comfortable you'd feel in this on a chilly winter's night sitting by the fire (with a belly full of yoghurt of course).

Team member from Chobani poses with two thumbs up in custom Christmas sweaters made by Roody sustainable swag


Puns are to Christmas sweaters what peanut butter is to chocolate. The two go absolutely perfectly together, and this yuletide creation from iconic chocolatiers Hershey's is both puntastic and also, it will immediately make you want to find some chocolate for yourself. Win win.

Hersheys design custom Christmas sweaters made by Roody sustainable swag


Yes, you did in fact read that correctly. There's no better feeling than finding the right Christmas sweater (settle down in the back of the class;)), and you have to hand it to these guys for designing something as cool as this without making it look to risqué to wear in public. Definitely naughty, but also pretty nice.

custom Christmas sweaters made by Roody sustainable swag


We get to work with some phenomenal beer breweries, and UK-based Brewster's are certainly up there with the best both in terms of the quality of their product and their ability to create a splendid Christmas sweater. The design is perfectly thought out and could be worn for any festive occasion, and as another plus its dark colours should hide any unfortunate beer spillages pretty well!

Brewsters Brewery custom Christmas sweaters made by Roody sustainable swag

Real New York Ski Club

Ok, the irresistibly retro colours of this Real New York Ski Club Christmas sweater make this one a damn beautiful thing to look at. You've got to embrace the cheesiness of Christmas to really enjoy it, and you can practically hear tacky Christmas songs emanating from this sweater simply by looking at a photo of it for a few seconds.

Real New York Ski Club custom Christmas sweaters made by Roody sustainable swag

Narragansett Brewing Company

The only thing more magnificent than this Christmas card-esque photo is the sweater itself, which was designed by our friends at Narragansett Brewing Company. We would imagine that wearing it feels similar to a warm hug on a cold December evening, and not to mention you just know that anybody who looks at it is going to feel very jealous for not having one for themselves.

Narragansett Brewing Company team posing in custom Christmas sweaters made by Roody sustainable swag

If you're reading this because you want to create something really magical for Christmas 2022 and feel like being so close to the festive season has you in the mood, reach out to us to see what we can make for you. Whether you're representing a small team looking to bring everyone together in a shared sense of yuletide cheer or trying to design some custom swag for your next big event, contact us today.