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Here are 5 amazing destinations you should totally consider for a summer vacation

summer vacation in custom Hawaiian shirt on beach couple happy travel tourism

If you're stuck in a bit of a rut and need something to look forward to, there is absolutely nothing like booking a summer vacation to take your mind off things.

Let's just be real for a second. The only reason most people actually clock into work is so they can have money for a good summer vacation.

Especially when you're up to your neck in stuff you've got to do, a quick day dream of you sitting on a beach somewhere in a custom Hawaiian shirt with a cocktail in hand should get you back on track. Unless of course your dream summer vacation has nothing to do with a beach (more on that below).

Everybody wants something different, and there's no reason why you should stick to visiting the same old places year after year. There's a big bad world out there waiting to be explored, and simply booking a trip to one of these top summer destinations will make it easier to take away those corporate stresses that have been nagging away at you lately.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica sea turtle on beach travel corporate gifts

We're going to start with sea turtles, because every conversation is made a hell of a lot better once you include these little guys in there somewhere. Costa Rica is one of the best places on earth to find them, and if you're lucky enough you might just get to see hatchlings making their fateful first journey into the ocean.

Speaking of the ocean, Costa Rica is also one of the few places where you could actually visit both the Pacific and Atlantic in the same day. In fact, standing on top of Volcán Barú would allow you to see both oceans at the same time.

Looking back in land, you definitely won't be short of something to do. Be it zip-lining in the rainforest or exploring simmering volcanoes and dense rainforests, this is the kind of place that will tick off any bucket list you try to dream up.

Add to this the fact that the entire country is a little bit smaller than the state of West Virginia, and you start to realise how easy it would be to get around. If you're looking to fit as much into one vacation as you possibly can, this is the place for you.

You could also just lounge around on the beach, it's a pretty awesome spot to do that as well.


Beach in Turkey tourism travel

If you think we would stoop low enough to make a Thanksgiving joke, you would normally be right. We're so passionate about convincing people to look into a vacation here though that we are willing to overlook it for now.

Turkey is quite simply an astonishingly beautiful place, and you are pretty much guaranteed to want to take out your camera every five minutes when driving through the countryside. You're just as likely to come across an ancient Roman ruin or peaceful seaside village as you are a breathtaking mountain, or pristine Mediterranean beach, and its climate is so consistently amazing.

That's before you start to talk about how incredible its cities are as well, with Istanbul standing alone as the only city where you can cross from Europe into Asia without ever leaving the city limits. 

Turkish food is also on a whole other level, from its tasty savoury crepes and kebabs to sweet treats and handmade ice cream, this is the kind of destination that will immediately make you want to book a return trip.


Elephants safari national park Kenya Mount Kilimanjaro

We did mention that not everyone is looking to lounge around in a custom Hawaiian shirt on their summer vacation, so how about a safari instead? If your idea of a safari involves having the opportunity to spot the big five (lions, leopards, hippos, rhinos and buffalo) in their natural habitat, you're pretty much already thinking about Kenya.

It's no exaggeration to say this is a magical country, and it's unlike anywhere else you're ever likely to visit.

Whether you want to climb to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro (the world's highest free-standing mountain) or track the legendary wildebeest migration in Masai Mara National Park, there is a reason why it remains the most sought after safari destination in Africa.

It's not all about animals either, as a visit to the vibrant city of Nairobi is not one you're likely to forget and the beaches in Mombasa are out of this world. 


Tourism Bali Indonesia temple mountains lake

When you're sitting at your desk dreaming of paradise, what does it look like? Is it a place with tropical beaches, ancient temples, lush rainforests, or maybe all of the above?

If it's all of the above, what you're doing is picturing Bali. Definitely one of the most popular destinations of choice for anyone looking to escape from modern life for a while, peace and tranquillity seem to just be part of the air in this place.

There is plenty of culture to sink your teeth into as well, and Bali's cuisine is up there with the best. Seriously, just try to find someone who has recently visited Bali if you're not already convinced to give this volcanic island a shot.


Penguins in Antarctica

This one is a pretty big wild card, but hear us out. Not only is Antarctica one of the least explored places on earth, but the looks you'll get from people when you tell them that this is where you're going will be quite simply priceless.

While there was a time when it was only accessible for documentary makers and researchers, thousands of regular tourists have been able to visit over the past couple of years. Simply get your butt down to a land known as Tierra del Fuego (land of fire) at the very southern tip of Argentina, and embark on a cruise.

A traditional cruise with poolside cocktails and limbo competitions this is not, but anyone who gets to visit this destination is lucky enough to go where, until quite recently, very few people had ever gone before.

Did we also mention that there are penguins here? Because there are penguins in Antarctica, and they are every bit as adorable in penguin as they are in every nature documentary you have ever watched.


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