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Sustainable Swag


I started a swag company because I really really hate swag...

Like properly hate.

You will never see me wearing a t-shirt with Roody emblazoned across the front in large lettering.  I won't be sticking a Roody sticker on my Macbook Air.  I certainly won't be wearing a Roody cap.

Promotional products should be long since dead.  They create so much landfill and waste that we have an absolutely huge problem.  

I worked as a consultant with a "Big 4" professional services company for a decade - I've worked with over 100 companies, all of whom had some form of corporate tat - awful pens, cheap t-shirts, diaries, etc.  The stuff you wouldn't take from a guy on the street.

What's happening right now is companies are sticking this stuff in a box, putting a sticker on it and sending these boxes around the world.  These are called swag boxes and I really really hate them because start-ups are calling this disruption.  This is not disruption, this is repackaging.

I got really annoyed by this so I started a swag company.

We make stuff people want and will use. 

We carry a really small amount of products. 

We test every product we make and we use amazing graphic designers that can actually design, not just stick a logo on the front.

What we don't make, for example:

- Pens 
- Chargers 
- Tote bags
- Mini speakers

All of these things will not be used by any sane customer, team member or prospect.  They won't help an activation.  They're brand killers and age your brand.

Instead, we're making stuff that's on trend right now and has a fighting chance of staying in your prospects hands / wardrobe.  Ugly sweaters don't go to landfill, they are kept, then go to charity shops / ebay  [don't believe me? Just search Roody Originals on ebay].  Your brand lives on.

Our designers believe in subtle branding with proper labelling.  We don't believe in taking a great product like a Yeti beaker and putting your logo on it.  It makes an amazing product look terrible and customers won't use it.


Swag will evolve very quickly over the next 2-3 years and finding a partner to source sustainable swag will be a game changer.  We're building an amazing business and would love to help you create something special.