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Most Popular Holiday Swag for 2022: 8 of the Most Popular Swag Items for the Holidays

Here's our pick of the holiday swag we expect to see decking the halls like so many boughs of holly!

It's pretty hard to believe that the Holidays are on their way back, but it's nearly time to start donning our Christmas jumpers and playing some festive tunes. In fact, if you listen real hard - real, real, hard - you can hear that faint, faint tinkle of sleigh bells in the distance. Oh, just me? 

Some people are excited about watching eating a roast dinner with your family or watching It's A Wonderful Life for the 40th time, but not us. What really gets our festive juices flowing is a bit of holiday swag. Here's some of the most popular holiday swag items for 2022:

8. Custom Shirts

What's the first item of clothing you think of for the festive season? It's a Christmas sweater isn't it? A for good reason, too: a good sweater is a crucial part of any holiday celebrations, but it doesn't have to be the only thing that makes you stand out from the crowd.

When you think about it, it can get pretty toasty when you're sitting indoors beside a roaring fire, so there's a good chance that sweater is going to have to come off. Just when everyone thinks they've seen your full Christmas outfit, imagine their surprise and joy when you unveil your brand-new, festive, custom shirt in all of its splendour.

Check out our offering of custom shirts here.

7. Custom Mittens

We might have already talked about how warm things can get indoors by the fireplace, but you're going to have to venture outside at some point. Keeping your hands warm is an absolute must when facing the cold, and there is no way as effective (or as adorable) to do that than with a pair of super soft and cozy mittens.

Brand-new for this year, we reckon this could be a bit of holiday swag that everyone is going to want to get their hands in this Christmas. Just to clarify though, if you came here looking for kitten mittens we're going to have to disappoint you because somebody else owns that patent...

6. Custom Bucket Hats

We can't get enough bucket hats into our lives, and that's the way it should be for everybody. They're back in a big way this year already, and there is no reason why that is going to show any signs of slowing down as we come into the holiday season.

What makes them so awesome is their versatility. Even in the middle of a snow storm, it's sure to help keep your little head protected from anything coming your way (while also keeping you looking fresh as all hell).

All of our custom bucket hats are made from recycled polyester, and you can check them out right here.

5. Custom Socks

You know there is a reason why socks are such a popular gift for the holidays, right? When you're looking for some quirky holiday swag that your fans/team members will love, gifting the right pair of socks for somebody is as wonderful a Christmas gesture as you could ever make.

Socks are great because they're easy on sizes, they're easy to ship and there are just so many branding options. We're here to help with the design; the only limits on what kind of socks you can go for are the ones you set yourself. We've already made some incredible custom socks over the years, but we just know the best is yet to come.

If that sounds like a challenge to you and you want to come up with some stand-out designs, check out our custom socks here.

4. Custom Swag Box

If you're trying to make this a Christmas to remember, it's got to involve a gift to remember. There's no better way to guarantee you've made the right choices than by hand-picking all of the gifts yourself, and that's the real beauty of our custom swag box.

Whatever kind of Christmas swag you want to go for, we can custom-make it for you and pack it all into one special box. Our shipping standards would even make Saint Nick blush, and all you've got to do is tell us where to send it (chimney delivery by request only). Remember, we'll send your box straight to its lucky intended recipient, no need for your to receive and resend.

To find out more about our swag boxes, visit here.

3. Custom Scarves

Have you ever stepped out into the cold, and wondered why your neck felt a little cold? It's slightly concerning if you never quite worked out that a quality scarf will solve that for you, but it's worth mentioning how awesome they are nonetheless.

There is no feeling of comfort that comes anywhere close to that of the sensation of wrapping a soft scarf around your face on a cold winter's evening. Christmas is the best time of year to appreciate the little things like that, making it a perfect choice for 2022 holiday swag.

2. Custom Beanies

There is softness, and then there is the softness of a freshly woven custom beanie. Like a little hug that you wear on your head, every time you put it on feels like everything is finally right with the world.

All of or beanies are completely made from scratch, and you can just tell the second you feel the quality. Fleece-lined to make sure you stay nice and warm no matter the weather and custom-made with whatever design comes out of your (soon to be hat-wearing) head, you can check some of them out right here. Again, these are easy to ship and incredibly versatile.

1. Custom Christmas Sweaters

This probably comes as no surprise, but there is a reason why the iconic Christmas sweater is the king of Holiday swag. As integral to the festivities as a tree, fairy lights and family arguments, there is nothing like unveiling a brand-new sweater every year.

They have topped our list for the past three years, and we don't think that trend will change this year. We love helping you design them almost as much as we know you'll love wearing them, and you can start coming up with your own creations here.