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10 movies and TV shows to inspire your summer 2022 wardrobe

The custom knit sweaters are safely packed away, it's time to break out the Hawaiian shirts!

This time of year rocks, there's no point in hiding it. Daylight savings time might be a bit of a pain in the ass when you're getting out of bed but hey, at least it means a little bit more sunlight right?

Apart from the annual changing of the clocks (and the inevitable debate that goes with it), this time of year is also a bit of a turning point. Summer doesn't really feel all that far away, and the time has almost come to dust off the Hawaiian shirt and summer shorts that have been sitting in the back of the cabinet since last October.

We still aren't quite there yet, so you can think of this as a bit of a research period. If you're in need of a bit of inspiration, you don't need to look any further than whatever streaming device happens to be closest to you.

That last line would have been a lot more straightforward when everyone just had TVs, but here we are. Here are 10 movies and shows to inspire your 2022 summer outfits!


We might not talk about Bruno, but we have really got to bring up the glorious get-up of uncle Félix, who has got to be the most underrated character in the movie. Not all of us would be able to pull off a look like this, but you've got to admit he absolutely nails it. 

Yeah, the music in this movie is nothing short of amazing and has a pretty strong chance of being stuck in your head for two weeks after watching. If you ask us though (and we know no one did), the real star is the guy rocking double yellow from start to finish.

Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood

Rewind the clock a few years, and wearing double denim on a hot summer's day would have earned you a few eyerolls. Now though, thanks to Brad Pitt the world has been served a reminder that it actually looks pretty damn good.

We can't promise you that you won't feel like a hot, sticky mess underneath it all but from a distance you're going to look like an absolutely boss. No pain, no gain.

Stranger Things

There is simply too much to love about this show, but the wardrobe is just too damn perfect as well. If ever there was a time of year to have a full swing at that classic 1980s look, summer is it.

Whether it's Hopper absolutely killing it in a custom Hawaiian shirt or Dustin donning an awesome baseball cap, it's a perfect show to inspire your next summer look. Add a few Eggos into the mix and hey, it's a party.

The Goonies

Hawaiian shirt summer wardrobe the goonies

Now there's one you really didn't expect to see on this list, right? You might think we are crazy, and you could well be right, but hear us out.

Summer is all about adventure, and it's about having fun with your buddies. If you dress up like Chunk and don your favourite Hawaiian shirt this summertime, who knows what could happen?

Mad Men

It's a bit weird how this show never really gets talked about in the same light as others of its era, despite how unquestionably amazing it was. On top of the fantastic plot with interesting characters and dialogue, the 1960s outfits on show were simply outstanding.

We don't really mean the suits either, even though they were fantastic as well. Some of the summer dresses and flared pants would honestly be pretty close to what we expect will be in style the second the mercury level starts rising.

Dazed And Confused

Close your eyes and try to picture fashion in the 1970s. You're probably thinking a whole lot of denim, some rolled up sleeves (with a pack of smokes inside) and big ol' belt buckles that would leave a dent in the floor if you dropped one.

What you're got in your mind's eye right there is the costume design of Matthew McConaughey's cult classic Dazed and Confused. While we can't exactly endorse the lifestyle these crazy kids lived, there's no harm in taking inspiration from their wardrobe.

In fact, some may say it's alright, alright, alright.

Something's Gotta Give

If you didn't know before you started reading that Jack Nicholson was going to be in here somewhere, you're in the wrong place buddy. Our boy Jack has been killing it for more decades than he can probably care to remember and long may he continue doing so.

This rom com is far from his finest hour (obviously 1996's Mars Attacks), but we're here to talk about his look. Casually strolling on the beach in a long sleeved shirt and a pair of slacks, the man simply looks like a Mafia boss who has long since mastered the art of not giving a rat's ass what anyone else thinks.

Do The Right Thing

Fashion always comes in cycles, and right now the 80s and 90s looks are coming back in the big way. The best source of inspiration if you're going for this over the summer is definitely something like this Spike Lee classic set on a steamy day in Brooklyn.

Everything about the wardrobe is still absolutely amazing, even though it's over 30 years old now. From the over-sized Dodgers' tee to the roaring red shorts and Samuel L. Jackson's stunning Hawaiian shirt, in this case the right thing is definitely to follow the example set by this movie's costume designers.


Mamma Mia

How could we resist it? Whatever direction you look in this movie, you see someone else absolutely nailing their summer look.

Whether it's Pierce Brosnan baring a chest that Sean Connery would be proud of or Meryl Streep looking like the icon she is in a pair of dungarees, you can't go wrong. In fact, despite it being nearly 15 years old there isn't really a look in that movie that wouldn't look just as slick if you wore it today.