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New arrivals: We've added some pretty amazing stuff to our merch collection

Woman in sunglasses holding pair of white Apple Airpods, standing in front of yellow background.

The world of merch is always evolving, and as our customers' needs change we're always on the hunt for awesome new merch options that will give you... merchspiration.

You never really know where and when inspiration will strike. You could be looking at a flower pot and have a sudden brainwave for your next business venture, or a conversation with a family member could provide answers to a question that has been nagging you for weeks.

Other times though, you have at least some idea where you should be looking. It's probably not a stretch to say that you've found yourself on the blog post of a company that designs and sells merch because you're on the lookout for something special, be it for a convention coming up, or to welcome new joiners to the team.

We live and breathe this stuff. Changing the merch game for the better is something we're really passionate about, especially when it comes to getting people realise that swag doesn't have to be reduced to crappy t-shirts and flimsy pens.

With that in mind, we've been able to make some pretty cool additions to our swag collection. From new apparel to handy accessories and tasty snacks, we can now offer you more options than ever before.

Tech accessories

Especially when you're spending a lot of your work day at the computer, one small accessory can make a huge difference. Whether it's an ergonomic mouse pad that gives your arm that bit of extra comfort, or a power bank that saves your phone's battery just when you need it most, they are the kind of things that make you feel grateful just for having them.

That feeling of gratitude would definitely be extended to someone else if you received it as a gift, which is what makes them so perfect for merch. We've added Apple Airpods, Apple AirTags, wireless chargers, mouse pads, power banks, web cams and phone holders to our collection, and their practicality is only part of what makes them so awesome.

We only use the most sustainable materials we can get our hands on when it comes to swag, and that doesn't change for our tech accessories. A lot of our accessories are made from renewable materials like bamboo and cork, and others like our ergonomic mouse pad are PET-100% recyclable.

Food accessories

I mean, we weren't going to miss an open goal. Helping people to enjoy their food a bit more is not only a reliable way to make your merch work, but it's just a good way to approach life.

Take mugs for example, which we have just added to our collection. If you can offer someone a good quality mug for them to keep, their morning cup of coffee simply would not taste the same in any alternative drinking vessel.

We've taken that idea and ran with it, adding everything from reusable lunchboxes (that come with their own cutlery, we might add) to cotton aprons and towels, we're firm believers that the best way to someone's heart is through their stomach.

That 'little something'

Some things are better off not being categorised. Aside from the stuff that's related to food and tech, we've also added some merch that is sure to be appreciated in some of life's other little moments.

You know, thoughtful and helpful stuff like bicycle saddle covers, scented candles, and leather lanyard keychains, that will put a smile on someone's face. You would be surprised how much people appreciate stuff like this, especially when they are used to getting tacky merch that just ends up in the trash.

We really wanted to find things that make people happy. If you're really looking to show that you are willing to go the extra mile, this is the kind of merch you should definitely consider.

Mini treats

They say that great things often come in small packages, and that's definitely the case with our customisable mini treats. A fantastic way to create something quirky and unique, we're really excited to see how our customers take to these fun little gifts.

Custom pins, magnets, and stickers are some of the mini treats we have on offer at the moment, as well as custom chocolate bars (a long-standing favorite). Similar to how our accessories were chosen to put a smile on people's faces, we tried to go for stuff that would spread a bit of joy in the world.

As with anything we do though, quality is everything. Our holographic stickers are printed on premium vinyl, and our milk chocolate bars' packages are fully customisable, as are our pins and magnets.


Great things should come in great packaging. Opening a gift is so much better when it arrives in a quality package, and can make a good gift seem like an even better one.

We've tried to not only go for packaging that we think people would be happy to receive, but also ensure it's fully customizable for customers. Putting your own spin on things is often the secret to merch buying, and putting time into what's outside the box is just as important as what's inside it.

Basically, you can customize the entire package from the mailer bag and tissue paper, to wrapping tape and gift card. On top of that we make packaging with 100% recycled plastics, which are recyclable in places where soft plastics are accepted after use. Check out our swag boxes today, they're ideal for welcoming new starters.

Contact us for more

If you're still not sure what merch is the best option for you, we would be more than happy to help. We can add any/all of the above to a custom swag box, hand pick whatever you need, or start from scratch based on your own unique set of requirements.

We never cease to be amazed at the incredible ideas that come out of working with our customers, and trying to create something new that will finally make people realise the impact good merch can make.

For now though, just reach out to us today so we can talk to you about different ways we can make you memorable merch. That's merchspiration right there!