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Power ranking the 10 best road trip movies of all time

If you're planning on throwing on your custom Hawaiian shirt and hitting the road this summer, these classic movies are sure to give you some inspiration.

Whether you want to be the one in the driver's seat or prefer to ride shotgun in a Hawaiian shirt picking the tunes, you never know what kind of fun you'll have on your next road trip.

As always though, we turn to Hollywood to come up with the answers. These family road trip movies are pretty sure to make you want to hit the open road, all we ask is that you stick around until the end before you grab your keys.

10. RV

We're just going to come out and say it; this film is criminally underrated. Sure, it doesn't have a lot of complexity and it's not even in the late Robin Williams' top 10, but it's a hell of a lot of fun and there's a strong chance you'll have at least one or two belly laughs (again, Robin Williams is in this).

This is the kind of movie you want to put on when you just want to forget about all the crap going on in the world and smile for a bit. If that's not then kind of vibe you want on a road trip, you can count us out.

9. Little Miss Sunshine

Sticking with the theme of films that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling with this one. It's got Alan Arkin, Steve Carrell and Bryan Cranston in it, but a 10-year-old Abigail Breslin still somehow manages to completely steal the show.

It's just a really heart-warming movie to watch. You won't find a better example of how even the most straightforward plot can work a charm once you have really strong characters. If you haven't watched this one, definitely add it to the list.

8. Due Date

Another bit of a hidden gem, this movie earns its inclusion based mostly on the fact that Robert Downey Jnr and Zach Galifianakis are just so damn good together. A perfect odd couple who end up having to trek across the country together, it's a shame we haven't gotten to see more of them together as they make a fantastic duo.

In fact, a new movie saga to compete with the longevity of the Fast & Furious series where Zach Galifianakis is thrust into a car with various celebrities would absolutely be worth watching. Call it Fast & Between Two Ferns or something, I don't know.

7. Green Book

For completely different reasons to the movies we've listed so far, Green Book is unquestionably a road trip movie that everyone should watch. Incredibly well written with Viggo Mortenson and Mahershala Ali offering up incredible performances, it's one that will stay with you long after the credits stop rolling.

It's also another example of how a good road trip movie doesn't require an overly complicated plot. Once you've got characters and dialogue as strong as what you'll find with Green Book, you're not pretty much halfway there.

6. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

This right here is a solid gold classic. Completely bonkers and totally over the top, it's understandable that a lot of people are not going to appreciate this movie in the slightest.

It's going to divide the room, and one half are probably going to think it's a total waste of time with characters in Hawaiian shirts that don't really stack up to anything. The other half of the room however will know that this is exactly the point of this movie.

5. Borat

Just for one second, try to look past the catchphrases that became stale at some point circa 2009. Borat is a painstakingly funny movie that pokes fun at just about everyone that comes within a few inches of it.

You're pretty much guaranteed to laugh, but you've even more certain to wince at the sheer cringe-worthiness of what happens on screen. 

4. Dumb & Dumber

We're getting into the championships here, and this is a championship comedy. Still side-splitting watch 28 years after its release (yes, it has been out that long), putting Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels together was a stroke of genius that should not be forgotten.

Even if you've seen it a thousand times, it's a movie that you can pretty much never get tired of. Plus if you were to dream up potential road trip buddies to keep you entertained, you could do a lot worse than these guys.

3. Rain Man

It's no stretch to say Dustin Hoffman is one of the greatest actors of all time, and it doesn't get a lot better than his stellar performance as Raymond Babbitt. The kind of movie that makes you feel about ten different emotions at the same time, there's a reason why it picked up four Academy Awards after its release.

Plus, we challenge anyone to go down the escalator in a casino and not think of the iconic scene from Rain Man.

2. A Goofy Movie

Well ain't this a curveball? Rain Man this is not, but a stellar road trip movie about the complicated relationship between a father and son it most certainly is.

Even if you watched it as a kid, it's an interesting one to pick up as an adult. You'll probably see it in a totally different light, and Goofy's consistent efforts to do right by his son will absolutely tug on the heart strings.

Plus, Powerline's "Stand Out" song is a banger. An undeniable banger.

1. Planes, Trains & Automobiles

There really can only be one winner, and it's impossible to look past this timeless classic with John Candy and Steve Martin. Both of them loveable in their own unique way, you'll probably want to keep the pause button on standby in case you miss anything whilst howling with laughter at what takes place on screen.

Where it really stands out though is its heart, because there are a few moments in this movie that would make just about anyone a little bit teary eyed. Without giving away any spoilers (even though it's been out for thirty five years), don't just think of it as the same as any other buddy comedy.

It is so much more than that.