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Power ranking ten of our favorite custom Hawaiian shirt designs

Now that we're (somehow) past the halfway point of the year, we got to thinking about some of the best custom Hawaiian shirt designs we've seen so far in 2022.

We are lucky enough to work with amazing people from equally amazing brands to create custom-made sustainable Hawaiian shirts that look absolutely awesome.

These custom design Hawaiian shirts are just examples of what we have created in the past. However quirky or crazy your dream Hawaiian shirt design may be, you can reach out to us to make it happen.

10. RGB Custom PC

These guys design custom-made PCs for people, so it was always going to be easy for them to create something special. That's exactly what they went ahead and created, with this blue number making sure that every inch of (sustainably sourced) fabric is filled with something awesome.

Who would wear this: Given the retro/arcade gaming theme on this Hawaiian shirt, we think Dustin from Stranger Things would look absolutely fantastic in this.

9. Arryved

 This one is a perfect example of how to incorporate business elements of your brand into something that looks really slick. Colorado-based Arryved, who provide helpful workshops for craft beer companies, really knocked this one out of the park with a lovely blend of floral designs, bright colours

Who would wear this: This particular design gives off a pretty chill vibe, so someone carefree and cool like The Dude from The Big Lebowski would look killer with it on while holding a fresh White Russian.

8. International Finance Corporation

Oh, this one is damn fine. While maintaining the minimalist ethos that so perfectly sums up everything a Hawaiian shirt is meant to represent, the lovely bright colours on show and summery designs will instantly take your mind to some toasty island beach somewhere.

Who would wear this: If any of you have happened to watch the TV show Scrubs, someone like Doctor Kelso would wear this like a boss. It's the kind of shirt that makes you want to put your feet up and do your very best to physically become one with a deck chair.

7. Lake Lanier

Even if you don't know where Lake Lanier is (it's in Georgia), we bet this shirt made you want to find out! Retro and warm, we absolutely love the colour palate they went for with this Hawaiian shirt, not to mention those birds look rad!

Who would wear it: There's only one fictional Hawaiian shirt wearer who instantly comes to mind with this one, and it's got to be Jim Carrey's legendary animal-loving pet detective, Ace Ventura!

7. Port City Brewing Company

 Does anybody else look at this shirt and want to see what it tastes like? Port City Brewing Company makes pretty delicious tasting beer, so we've got to be right that the clothes they wear are tasty too, right?

Who would wear this: It might be a bit of a deviation from his standard white shirt, but at least the colours on this might better hide Homer Simpson's drool after you tell him it was made by a beer company!

6. Aldridge Electric 

This Hawaiian shirt will instantly catch the eye, but it's only when you stop and notice all the little details that you appreciate its design. Aldridge Electric are one of the leading contractors in the US, but now they have also earned their place among the creme de la creme of Hawaiian shirt designers as well.


Who would wear this: The black, yellow and green combination is somewhat reminiscent of the Jamaican flag, so you just know Sanka Coffie (the best pushcart driver in all of Jamaica), would look as cool as a bobsled stuck in the snow.

5. Ramey Kemp Associates

When employee-owned transportation engineering firm Ramey Kemp Associates came up with this Hawaiian shirt, we just knew the rest of the world would be green with envy. Not only is its limey green colours a perfect addition to any summer look, but it's hard to beat those classic floral designs you see emblazoned all over it.

Who would wear this: A little green guy needs to have a little green shirt, so who better than Yoda from the Star Wars saga to don this when he's not training Jedi to perform hand-stands?

4. StoneAge Tools

Dinosaur and Hawaiian shirts is the combination we never really knew that we needed until manufacturers StoneAge Tools came knocking. Its deep, rich colours make it all the more special and make us want it even more.

Who would wear this: We might need to make some adjustments to the size, but the T-Rex from Jurassic Park should absolutely be afforded the opportunity to don one of these.

3. Uptown String Band

There is no two ways about it; this Hawaiian shirt design from Uptown String Band is pretty damn special. Not only is the deep blue colour super classy, but the overlaying floral designs really make it come to life.

Who would wear this: This would be one for Hawaiian shirt purists who wear one every day, so Tom Selleck's Magnum PI should definitely add this to the wardrobe.

2. Infillion

Just take a second to soak up how amazing these guys from Infillion, a provider of commerce, media, CX and data solutions, look. Custom design Hawaiian shirts have magical powers to instantly put your mind at ease, and you only have to see how chilled these guys are to understand how true that is.

Who would wear it: There's a bit of an 80s theme to this one, so someone like Ferris Bueller would definitely own it.

1. Neebs Gaming

Sometimes, we look at someone and say,'yeah, they understood the assignment'. Inspired by our good friends at Neebs Gaming, this Hawaiian shirt is about as close to the perfect depiction of a Hawaii sunset as you're ever likely to see captured on an item of clothing that isn't simply a photo of a Hawaii sunset.

Who would wear this: You should wear this. Hit us up as soon as possible and let's try to make it happen!