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Santa's merch: 5 items that our customers have put top of their lists this Christmas

Roody sustainable swag Christmas swag items for 2022

With the Christmas season only around the corner, we took a look at some of the merch gifts we expect you'll find under the tree this year.

It's been a pretty long and (often times challenging) year, but at least now that the holidays are fast approaching we can look forward to a little bit of festive cheer. Gifts are always going to be a pretty big part of that, so it's the perfect time of year to go the extra mile when it comes to swag.

By going the extra mile, we don't mean you have to spend extortionate amounts of money on some extravagant merchandise, or buy your entire company a week-long vacation to Hawaii (although no one would complain about that). The best way to make your swag more impactful is to put a little bit of time into looking at what is popular at the moment, as well as what people might actually want to keep.

If it also happens to be sustainably-made swag, all the better. Going the extra mile to do our bit in helping to protect our planet is always an effort worth applauding.

A quick word about... Custom swag boxes

First things first, swag boxes absolutely rule. Not only do you get to fill it with whatever your heart so desires (including the other products below), but you really make it obvious to the recipient that you wanted to give them something special this year.

If there is one thing we know for sure this Christmas, it's that swag boxes seem to be everybody's swag of choice. From something small with a custom beanie and a Christmas sweater, to an unforgettable package containing high-tech gizmos and gadgets, the sky is the limit when it comes to a custom swag box. Continue reading to see the 5 most popular Christmas items customers put on their lists.

1. Christmas sweaters

We sincerely doubt you are in any way surprised to see Christmas sweaters on this list, but every year our customers are finding new ways to create something unique. 

This does not require sticking a set of tacky lights onto the front, or seeing how many snowmen can be stitched into the design. From making custom labels for the collar, to putting their own spin on something we created for a previous brand, the creativity of the people we partner with never ceases to amaze us.

2. Beanies

This one might be a little bit of a curveball given that beanie hats don't exactly scream "Christmas," but it should come as no surprise that people love anything that makes their head feel warm and cozy. We think it's their versatility that makes them so perfect for swag, as a good one will last you a very long time.

They never really ever went out of fashion, but they have been in vogue in a big way right now. Similar to how the bucket hat has made a big comeback in the past few years, beanies are something that are likely to be under many a Christmas tree in December 2022.


3. Hawaiian shirts

If beanies weren't a curveball, there is no way you were expecting Hawaiian shirts to find their way onto this list. While they might be something that conjures up images of sandy beaches, BBQs and sunshine, there are a few good reasons why they remain popular this time of year.

First of all, December is pretty different in one part of the world to what they might experience in another. While everybody in New York and London is looking for a cozy fireplace to relax beside with a hot cup of cocoa, people in Los Angeles and Sydney are basking in the sunshine and slapping on the SPF.

As well as that, a good Hawaiian shirt is pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on somebody's face. Not only does the person wearing it get the joy of knowing they look like an absolute badass, but when used to their full effect by getting a matching set for a group of people it instantly creates a sense of unity and togetherness that might not have otherwise been there.

From bar staff and firefighters, to conference groups and newly-formed teams, buying everyone a set of matching Hawaiian shirts is a great way to bring people together. In short, they are like the ultimate ice breaker (and not just in winter).

4. Socks

Bringing things back to classic Christmas gifts, we are of the mind that socks get an unfairly bad rap (pun intended). While nobody wants to open a pair of boring, plain socks their grandpa wouldn't wear, when done right they can make for an inspired choice of swag.

The key thing isn't just about quality, you want to try to go for something worth keeping. From finding a colour that suits both you and the recipient to creating a design that catches the eye, you can play an integral role in changing the narrative about socks somehow not being a great thing to receive at Christmas.

Even by the time winter rolls around there are a lot of cold days ahead, so being the person who keeps someone's feet feeling snug is a great way to win their heart until the end of time.

5. Food

The only thing that is surprising about this addition is that we have somehow gone this far into the article without mentioning the word "food." There's no point in hiding from the fact that food is by far the best thing about the festive season, and no shame in admitting it either.

We're not suggesting you slap a logo on a turkey and call it swag. Some nice tasty snacks like popcorn and chocolate are always a safe bet, especially at Christmas time. Because let's face it, when has a delicious bar of chocolate ever disappointed anyone?!

Whatever time of year it is, we can help you make some custom swag that would brighten up your festive season and create talking points with your fans/team members/colleagues. To get the ball rolling on creating something magical, get in contact with us today.