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Sustainable Swag


How sustainable is your merch? Here are 5 ideas to up your game

Sustainable swag office corporate gifts carbon footprint

Whether you're looking to swap cheap t-shirts for custom made Hawaiian shirts or opt for a more sustainable corporate gift, there are plenty of little changes you can make.

Rewind the clock a few years, to the first time you heard someone talk about how important it is that we all play our part to protect the environment. It probably sounded like a bit of a pain, and all of the 'sustainable choices' you would have to make either involved switching to a crappy alternative or spending your weekends separating paper and plastics.

Things have moved on, and thankfully the world has come up with much more straightforward ways to reduce your carbon footprint. You don't even really have to look that hard either, because any company that's worth their salt is putting a lot of effort into creating more options for people looking for something a bit more sustainable.

Our approach to sustainability is threefold: we make merch that's loved, using the best materials available, and we plant some trees.

We chose partners who put a big focus on sustainability to create and bring you our sustainable swag boxes, that includes using 100% recyclable packaging, favoring slower more sustainable shipping routes over faster routes with a higher carbon footprint and planting one tree for every item bought!

Change what needs to be changed

Sustainable swag office corporate gifts carbon footprint

The sustainable choice doesn't have to be a difficult or awkward one to make.

You can still find absolutely the same amazing corporate gifts and branded merch you've always loved, and likely won't need to make drastic changes to what you're looking for. The key thing, rather than you having to change your entire approach, is to simply go for the option that is the most sustainable.

Whatever you're into, we can pretty much guarantee you there is a sustainable option out there and you shouldn't feel the need to expect anything less than before. Not only is said option likely to be more friendly to the environment, but more often than not it'll be much better quality than the mass produced crap we used to put up with.

If you're the kind of person who knows what they like, we will always leave you in the driver's seat when it comes to finding the perfect merch. All of our sustainable swag boxes can be custom made to meet your exact needs, making sure you can put your own spin on everything!

Do your research

Sustainable swag office corporate gifts carbon footprint

If you care about sustainability, you will care about whether or not the people you do business are prioritizing sustainability. Not only does a company stepping up to reduce their carbon footprint show that they are doing their bit to help the environment, but there is also a certain level of expectation among customers that they will explore better, more energy efficient ways to bring your their product.

Research the company you're thinking of buying from; check their social media channels and scroll through the website. Before you've even started looking at any products or services, try to find any mention of sourcing sustainable materials, reforestation efforts or carbon offsetting.

New ways to become a sustainable brand are being thought up every day so these are only examples, but you can be confident that there will be signs for you to pick up on. Essentially, there's a pretty solid chance that if they were putting sustainability to the forefront of their business decisions, it would be out there for the world to know.

Get a feel for materials

Sustainable swag office corporate gifts carbon footprint

Not every attempt to swap over to a sustainable alternative is wholly successful, but you'd be amazed at how many options are out there. The world of clothing in particular has found phenomenal ways to pull threads together and create more sustainable products, meaning you can find environmentally friendly clothing without having to sacrifice on quality.

Look at the materials the clothing manufacturer is using. If they have found a way to provide a good quality product in a way that is less harmful to the environment or helps reduce their carbon footprint (not to mention yours as a customer), you should definitely bear that in mind when figuring out ways to make your merch more sustainable.

Poorly-made t-shirts may come with a cheaper price tag but someone along the line will have to pick up the tab for that low price - what should it be the planet?

Our custom Hawaiian shirts are made with 100% recycled polyester, they're essentially the must-have merch for summer 2023 alongside the glorious bucket hat, which has made a triumphant return to the scene this year.

Get the word out

Sustainable swag office corporate gifts carbon footprint

Unless you are the only person in your company who is purchasing corporate gifts or branded merch, there is no point in being a lone wolf eco-warrior. Getting other people on board is crucial to making your sustainability efforts a success, and it can also be a fantastic way to keep everybody working collaboratively toward a shared goal of creating a more sustainable office.

If you are serious about coming up with ways to find more sustainable merch, getting as many people involved will help things run much more smoothly. All it takes is a few brainstorming sessions and some creative swag ideas to figure out what would work for your company.

Should you use other people as a soundboard to figure out where you want to purchase any sustainable corporate gifts or merch from in the future, just remember that we are always eager to talk you through our sustainability efforts. Whether you're looking to create a custom swag box ahead of your next big event or want to find a new long-term provider of Hawaiian shirts, summer shorts or bucket hats, simply reach out to us!

Make sustainable and fun

Sustainable swag office corporate gifts carbon footprint

This being summer, a good party is something that most of us have on our minds. We've already mentioned that sustainable merch doesn't have to mean you make sacrifices, and planning a sustainable summer party is something we highly recommend.

If you want to really raise the bar this year, have your hand-picked sustainable merch come alongside an invitation to a summer bash that you have planned. Better still if you make the corporate gifts fit the dress code, sending people all the summer shorts, bucket hats and Hawaiian shirts they need to fit in at your sustainable summer hootenanny. 

This also creates the opportunity for you to prove to everybody how much effort you are making to be more sustainable. Set the example right from the off, trying to find sustainable alternatives for everything from the plates and cutlery right down to carefully planning a waste-free menu and organising transport options to reduce the number of cars on the road.

Whatever kind of sustainable merch you're looking for, we can help you make it happen. With minimum orders of just 50 units with prices starting from $37 per swag box, just reach out to our design team to get working on creating your very own custom swag box!