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Amazing Socks some of our Clients have made

Custom made socks are one of the best items of merch you can make and we've made a lot of fun socks in different shades, colors and styles over the years. We've included some below for inspiration.

Examples of what clients are using them for:

  • Breweries creating and selling branded socks
  • Lots of food and beverage brands creating socks for giveaways on social
  • Lots of tech clients including the socks as part of their swag giveaways
  • Charities giving the socks to donors and selling them to raise funds
  • Influencers selling branded socks

Start Creating Some Custom Branded Socks

Example of a mix of some of our favorite custom made socks

Image of example custom socks 

Some more socks 

Custom socks on a stool


Example socks for Smashmallow

Image of Smashmallow custom socks

Some more socks with customized design

Image of some customized socks

Start Creating some Socks