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Our Work

Neebs Gaming create and sell matching Beanies and Sweaters

Neebs Gaming is a hugely successful YouTube gaming channel with more than 2m subscribers and significant followers across all social media channels.

The Challenge

The guys at Neebs Gaming wanted to create some amazing merch for the holidays.

Image of a Neebs Gaming Sweater

The Project

With lots of input from the guys at Neebs as to what fans would want, the Roody team designed and created amazing fully branded sweaters and beanies. 
The sweaters and beanies were made and launched online through the Roody platform.  All the fulfillment (pick, pack and send) was done by Roody.

The Results

The Neebs Gaming merch was a massive hit! The first run completely sold out within a week and we were able to get a second run complete and out pre Holidays.

Without any investment up front, the guys were able to generate significant revenue from their amazing merch, delight their fans and focus on doing what they do best, creating brilliant content.