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Smashmallow Create Amazing Custom Holiday Swag that's loved by Fans

About Smashmallow

Smashmallow make amazing treats - super tasty and made from all natural ingredients.  The brand is amazing and the product is stocked nationwide and on Amazon.  The social media presence for the brand is incredibly strong with a huge brand following.

The Challenge

With an incredibly strong and loyal following on social the marketing team wanted to create something their fans would love and get them excited for the holidays.

The Project

The amazing team at Smashmallow worked closely with our designers to create matching custom ugly Christmas sweaters and custom socks.  We wanted to create something that reflected the stunning packaging and branding and would look and feel as awesome as the product.

We created completely original sweaters with amazing matching socks.  The colors were matched to the brand colors and the swag integrated perfectly into the wider Smashmallow result.  

The Result

The reaction on social was amazing with thousands of entries for the swag.  Pics of their custom swag items got thousands of likes and there was a lot of love for this unique and amazing swag.

Matching socks and christmas sweater

Image of Smashmallow custom knit sweater

Image of Smashmallow Instagram Post