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Sustainable Swag

create your own swag store

Swag can be tricky to manage.  You're never sure what's in stock, what lead times are, where to store it, how to pack it, etc.

Roody allows you full access to your own online store where you can easily:
- Send swag to single or multiple recipients
- Allow your team to easily order online
- Create and sell swag
- Easily check stock levels.

A Swag Store for your brand

Our team create a swag store that fits with your brand.  You can add as many swag options as you like such as individual items, new employee swag boxes, new customer onboarding boxes, event gifts, etc.  We keep your store fully stocked and ready to deliver whenever you like.

We constantly add new and sustainable products that can easily be added to your store.  If you've got an urgent event coming up our team of dedicated swag professionals can easily pick, pack and send your swag with the same love and dedication you would expect from your very own team. 

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Can i upload a list of addresses

Yes.  Our platform allows you to upload one or thousands of addresses - your swag orders are created and sent out to individuals (anywhere in the world) with personalized messages.  It's so easy to do - full tracking is available for the recipient and our team are on hand to help if you have any issues.

Roody sends thousands (and thousands) of orders every month to clients around the world - we have dedicated storage and fulfillment warehouses where we store and ship your swag sustainably.

Our focus is on delighting whoever you are gifting while taking all the stress away from you.  To chat to one of our team, just click the link below.

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