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Sustainable Swag

Create a Custom Golf Shirt Design for your Brand for FREE

Join 1000's of other clients and create a Golf Shirt for your brand

  • Any logo or images you like
  • Any colors you like
  • Any other instructions

Create sustainable Golf Shirts for your brand, just like our other clients:

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What style of golf shirt can I make?


All Over Design

Create a unique pattern - include your logo, colors and any pattern you like.

Group of People wearing matching Hawaiian Shirts

Classic Style

Simple and stylish - create a simple, clean shirt that looks and feels amazing.

Merch Sale and Lots More...

Easily sell merch to support activities either on campus or through our website - it's so easy 

custom hawaiian shirt delivery

Can I get the shirts in different sizes?

Yes, no problem.

Our minimum order is just 20 shirts and you can split sizes however you like within that.

So, for example, you could order 5 small, 7 medium, 3 large and 5 XL.

How do the golf shirts feel?

The shirts we make are a lightweight, athletic, stretchy feel using the same material as the premium golf brands you know and love.  The material is moisture wicking which means it doesn't cling to you on a hot day.

The quality of the shirts we make is amazing.

custom hawaiian shirt design
branded hawaiian shirt

Is it possible to get matching caps?

Yes, no problem.

We make our own caps from scratch so you can have any color, any style you like.  We embroider your logo on the front and there's also an option for embroidery at the side.

Pricing - Bulk Pricing

50 - 99 units: 

$34.95 each (USD)

100 - 249 units:

$29.95 each (USD)

250 - 499 units:

$27.95 each (USD)

500+ units:

$25.95 each (USD)

custom hawaiian shirt fabric
custom sustainable hawaiian shirt

What if I don't like the design you created?

Most of our customers absolutely love the first design we create but if you don't you can:

  • Ask for any changes you like
  • Just stop the process, there's no charge
  • Start again and do something else

Check out a small selection of our custom Hawaiian shirts featured in the photo gallery: