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SweetWater Brewery Create Awesome Hawaiian Shirts


About SweetWater Brewery

SweetWater Brewery are the 11th largest craft brewery in the US.  Founded in 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia the company is famous for some very tasty brews and has a vibrant community of passionate fans.

The Challenge

SweetWater have an awesome apparel range full of color and imagination.  The team wanted to add some new Hawaiian Shirts for some Summer fun.

The Project

The team at SweetWater asked our designers to create a unique custom Hawaiian Shirt that was aligned with the brand and featured specific imagery.  They wanted something bright and loud for summer.

We created a bright, fun, classic Hawaiian shirt that prominently featured the SweetWater can.  We also create a completely custom label for SweetWater so the product was fully branded.  These awesome Hawaiian shirts were completely custom made in a range of sizes.

The Result

The merch team at SweetWater were thrilled with the shirts and they are a huge hit online.  The shirts sold out fast with lots of awesome pics being shared.

SweetWater Brewery Hawaiian Shirt



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