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Summer 2022 Swag: Here's what's bang on trend

Sustainable summer swag Hawaiian shirt bucket hat water bottle corporate gifts

Beach and BBQ season is upon us, and we've had a look at what branded swag we expect will be on trend for your summer 2022 corporate gifting needs.

Corporate gifting might not be the very first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer. In fact, it's probably pretty far down a list that includes stuff like vacations, BBQs, beach parties, cocktails and road trips.

That said, it is definitely something that is worth thinking about. Branded summer swag can be super beneficial to your company when you get it right, but pretty damn detrimental should you get it wrong.

We're somewhat experts on the subject of branded swag, so decided to have a think about what we expect will be on trend for the summer of 2022. From age-old classics like Hawaiian shirts and shorts to sustainable t-shirts and plenty more besides, here's what we think you should be considering this year for your corporate gifts.

Custom Hawaiian shirts

It's no secret that we are fans of this particular item of clothing, but going the extra mile to make it a custom Hawaiian shirt takes your branded swag effort to another level. Not only does that show you are willing to find something more unique than you would pick up in your average clothing store, but avoiding mass-produced clothing is also the sustainable approach to take as well.

Quality is everything when it comes to what makes or breaks a Hawaiian shirt. Buying a generic thread that is identical to thousands of other shirts produced that day might be cheaper in the short term, but in the long run the poor fabric often starts to show and it runs the rick of ending up in the trash.

Bucket hats

Bucket hat sustainable summer swag corporate gift

Yes, you read that right. Bucket hats are back in a big way, and anyone who makes them part of their branded summer swag shopping list is showing to the world that they have a finger on the pulse of what's hot and what's not.

Not only are they as stylish as all hell, but you would have a hard time finding an accessory that is anywhere near as adaptable (check out our reversible customizable ones) as the humble bucket hat. Whether you're in the crowd of a music festival in the height of summer, or looking to keep your head dry in a downpour, you can't go wrong.

Water bottles

Water bottle sustainable summer swag corporate gift

Similarly to Hawaiian shirts, quality is everything when it comes to a water bottle. Getting anything that feels flimsy (or worse, leaky) is an instant red flag, but finding a quality water bottle is something that people will be bound to appreciate. 

The other thing to bear in mind is you want to try to find a sustainable water bottle as well, because the aforementioned flimsy containers are also way more harmful to the environment. Remember, just because you saved a bit of money when purchasing your branded swag doesn't mean you'll avoid it being thrown straight into the trash after it's received.


Custom socks sustainable summer swag corporate gift

Someone needs to normalise giving people socks as a gift, and we have no problem stepping up to the mark to do what needs to be done. Regardless of what your thoughts are on that matter, you can't deny that a quality pair of socks can make or break an entire day.

They're like the backroom staff of a football team. While the stars of the show like your t-shirt and hat receive all the plaudits (deserved if it's a Hawaiian shirt and bucket hat), your socks are holding it all together in the background without ever seeking any glory for themselves.

Baseball caps

Baseball cap sustainable summer swag corporate gift

We might have already talked about bucket hats, but baseball caps are just about as reliable an option as you are ever likely to find. Not only are they the perfect way to top off a summer look, but it only takes having one or two baseball caps to make you want to start building a collection.

They also offer another chance for you to put a little bit of character into your look. Whether you want to go all-out with some bright colours or add a personal twist to your branded swag, it's sure to stand out!


Custom shorts sustainable summer swag corporate gift

What's summer without a fresh pair of shorts? Whether you're standing guard in front of the grill or chilling at the beach with a few friends, there's nothing like breaking them out on a sunny day.

If you are going to choose a pair of shorts as a corporate gift, you've got to make sure you go for something you would wear yourself. Breathable fabric is a must, but even better still if you are able to find sustainable shorts made from recycled materials.


Custom t-shirt sustainable summer swag corporate gift

Don't be fooled into thinking that buying a t-shirt for your branded swag is the equivalent of phoning it in. There are plenty of ways you can not only find something of high quality that people will want to wear, but also ensure that the person you're buying for knows you went the extra mile.

First off, the only responsible option is to opt for sustainable t-shirts that use the right materials. You should also try to find something that is custom-made as well, because while cheaper clothes might be tempting you are missing a huge opportunity to make your gift come across as infinitely more thoughtful without adding much hassle your way at all.

Anything sustainable

Sustainable swag corporate gift planting tree eco friendly

You might have picked up on a running theme throughout this article. People are looking for sustainable alternatives for all areas of their lives, and you can bet that extends to branded swag as well.

There may well come a time during the planning stages where you have to choose between two different options. While one is clearly high quality and responsibly made, the other comes across as a cheaper alternative.

Brands that make the responsible choice and opt for sustainable branded swag are the ones that will stand out. The days of mass produced, pre-made crap is long gone so bring on the age of high quality branded merch that people actually like!